Dark Nights Theatre

Murder Mystery Events

Murder Mystery Events
and Theme Nights

This Award Winning Exciting and Inventive Theatre Company is fast becoming the top name in entertainment.

Dark Nights Theatre was founded as a Touring Theatre Company to perform Murder Mystery Events, Theme Nights, Corporate Events, Ghost Stories, Street Theatre, Crazy Costumed Characters, Interactive Events and Plays.

We offer a wide range of productions and can perform at almost any venue, anywhere, anytime.

Theatres, Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Old Halls,Trains, Stations, Boats, Coaches, Indoor, Outdoor, or anywhere at all, just name the venue and we can adapt. We are based in Preston but perform all over Lancashire and beyond.

Our Popular Murder Mystery Nights can be based on any theme to fit the occasion and venue.

See our Murder Mystery Events page for more details or contact us at: darknightstheatre@hotmail.co.uk