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How the Murders Work

If you have never held a Murder Mystery before you may have questions to ask about how they work, so read on.

Murder Mystery Dinners

These events are usually played out around an evening meal or buffet, audiences are encouraged to dress for the theme to add to the fun.

Our actors, in character, will mingle and interact with your guests as they arrive, setting the scene. Then, at the time stated by you, the action will begin and a murder will take place.

A police inspector or person of authority will arrive and take charge. The suspects will be questioned by the inspector then sent to your tables for your guests to further question them. There will be a break in the proceedings for your buffet to be served or a few breaks for different courses if you are doing a three course meal.

There will be more action and questions between the courses, then the evening will conclude with your guests being asked to fill in a form stating who has committed the murder and what the motive was. The correct solution will win a prize.

Walk Round Murders

These events can be performed indoors or outdoors, evening or daytime and can last from one or two hours, they are suitable for the whole family.

A murder will have occurred and your guests will be able to walk around the location. They will be able to question the suspects who will be lurking around and will have to solve the clues and gather information from the suspects, to correctly solve the crime to win a prize.

You do not have to provide food for these type of events cutting your costs.

All events are played out with the emphasis on comedy fun and entertainment.

We will work closely with you to make sure your event runs smoothly and will plan timings etc around your requirements.

For more information see our Murder Mystery Themes page

or contact us at: [email protected]  


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